An Established Aquarium Manufacturer

Producing Excellent Tank Supplies Across California


Provider of Superior Quality Aquarium Equipment

Provider of Superior Quality Aquarium Equipment

Water-Rebirth is a professional tank manufacturer serving customers throughout California. Additionally, we offer exceptional pond, garden, and fountain products for your decorative and maintenance needs.

Meet Our Manufacturing Team

Our skilled team boasts 20 years of significant experience in developing products you can rely on. Through our injection, molding, and research and development operations, we continue to produce competitive aquarium equipment that meets industry standards.

Our Certifications

We are dedicated to delivering outstanding products in line with health, safety, and environmental protection regulations. Water-Rebirth conducts manufacturing operations in a laboratory that is certified by the following:

CE Marking

GS Marking

Underwriters Laboratory (UL)

Economical Aquarium Products and Designs

At Water-Rebirth, we proudly offer affordable tank equipment as well as reptile supplies. We leverage our extensive expertise in product design and manufacturing to provide our customers in California with the equipment they need at economical prices.

A Convenient Venue

Our warehouse is in the US—a location from which we can easily ship our products to our overseas customers.

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To order our aquarium maintenance supplies, please get in touch with us.